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Northern Pulse Growers Association

Request for Pulse Samples

The NPGA is requesting 2lb. samples of various varieties of peas, lentils, and chickpeas from the 2022 harvest season.  

Why is this important?
U.S. grown pulses are a very important part of the global food supply. The majority of U.S. pulses are exported to international markets in Asia, South Asia, and Europe. Our domestic market has also seen an increase in demand for U.S. pulses. Findings from the pulse quality survey include include moisture content, protein, starch, water absorption, soaking and cooking. This report is then distributed to current and potential customers internationally & domestically. It is also provided to research programs as an effort to develop varieties/genetics that fit particular market needs.

Shipping costs will be reimbursed AND with every sample you submit (must be a different type or variety for each sample) you will be entered for a chance to win a DeWalt corded/cordless 11" fan (battery INCLUDED!). 

Contact to submit your sample TODAY!