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Food Service Resources

The Power of Pulses

Pulses are a nutritional powerhouse rich in protein, dietary fiber and complex carbohydreates. Enjoy pulse recipes or get creative and add pulses to your existing dishes. All of our recipes are kid tested and mother approved!

Top 5 Tips

Top 5 Tips - To help incorporporate pulses into your school lunch programs!
  1. Add to dishes you already serve that include legumes such as chili, baked beans, casseroles and stir fry.
  2. Add to canned soups and stews for low-fat, high fiber, cold weather comfort food.
  3. Incorporate into existing Mexican entrees, such as corn salsa, bean and cheese burritos, tacos and super nachos.
  4. Add to meatloaf, spaghetti sauce, lasagna and sloppy joes.
  5. Hummus, a great chip dip, is made from chickpeas, packed with nutrition and a great addition to any school salad bar.

School Lunch Programs

For school lunch proper nutrition is essential and a very integral component to effective learning.  Children consume more than half of their daily calories at school.  Schools should set an example and one of them should be eating well.