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ND Dry Pea & Lentil Council

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District Reps

Greg Busch - District I

Columbus, ND
Busch, elected in 2023, is currently serving his first term on the NDDPLC, representing pulse producers in the northwest region of North Dakota.  Read more...

Jeremy Huether - District II

Mott, ND
Huether, elected in 2016, represents pulse producers in the southwest region of North Dakota. Read more...

Bob Finken - District III

Douglas, ND
Finken, elected in 2021 is currently serving his first term on the NDDPLC, representing pulse producers north central North Dakota. Read more... 

Kim Saueressig, District IV - Council Chair

McClusky, ND
Saueressig, elected in 2018, represents pulse growers in the central portion of North Dakota. Read more...

Vacancy - District IV

This position is currently open.