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ND Dry Pea & Lentil Council

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District III

Bob Finken

Bob Finken of Douglas, ND was first elected to the ND Dry Pea & Lentil Council in 2021 and represents pulse producers in the north central part of the state. Bob also spent many years as a county rep for the ND Wheat Commission. He also serves on the board of ND Farmers Union and its affiliated companies as well as of Ward County Farmers Union. Finken was a longtime member of the Ward County Ag Improvement Association and the North Central Research Extension Center Board of Visitors.
Bob is a fourth generation on the family farm that his great grandfather started west of Douglas in 1916. He farms with his son Dylan and son-in-law Chris Sobieck. They grow yellow peas, chickpeas, wheat, durum, soybeans, canola, oats and sometimes flax. Most of the crops are conditioned and sold as certified seed. Bob started no-tilling in the mid 1990s. Pulses are Bob’s favorite crop due to how healthy they are for the soils as well as for consumers.
Bob enjoys being involved in the community and is passionate about agriculture. He has become more involved in the pulse industry and has recently represented pulse producers at the Healthy Kids Collaborative in Napa, CA  and at the 2024 Mission to Washington, D.C.