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ND Dry Pea & Lentil Council

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District I

Greg Busch

Greg Busch of Columbus, ND was elected to the North Dakota Dry Pea and Lentil Council in 2023 representing pulse growers in District 1 in the northwestern portion of the state.  Busch previously served as a board member for the North Dakota Dry Pea and Lentil Association and helped establish the pulse crop checkoff and state council to administer those funds.

Busch and his wife, Jessica, operate a third generation farm outside Columbus, ND where they grow peas, chickpeas, wheat , oats, winter rye, flax, soybeans and canola.  They have been growing pulse crops for over 30 years.

While serving on the council, Busch would like to help improve the sustainability of the pulse industry by addressing concerns like market access, crop breeding and disease research.  Busch believes that consumer driven demand for plant based proteins will require newer and better varieties of seed.