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Montana Pulse Crop Committee (MPCC)

Montana Pulse Crop Committee (MPCC)

Created by a vote of Montana pulse crop producers, the Pulse Crop Research & Market Development Program was put into place to address pulse producer need and issues in Montana. The program will be funded by a check-off on all Montana grown dry peas, lentils, chickpeas and fava beans.

The check-off program is administered by the Montana Department of Agriculture, which receives advice from the six-member Montana Pulse Crop Committee. The committee invites proposals to fund research and market development projects to address Montana's pulse industry needs and opportunities. 

Ryan Bogar, Director (Representative for Eastern MT)
Vida, MT 

Paul Kanning, Vice Chair (Representative for Eastern MT)
Flaxville, MT 

Jillien Streit (Representative for Western MT)
Chester, MT

Todd Hansen (At-Large)
Gilford, MT

Brian Aklestad (At-Large)
Galata, MT

Matt Franks, Ex-Officio
Plentywood, MT
Montana Department of Agriculture

Sreekala Bajwa, Ex-Officio
Bozeman, MT
Montana State University - Dean of Agriculture

Christy Clark
Helena, MT
Montana Department of Agriculture - Director