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NPGA Sponsor 2-Week Healthy Meal & Exercise Plans to Celebrate World Pulses Day & American Heart Month

Posted: Jan 30 2023
BISMARCK, ND – The Northern Pulse Growers Association (NPGA) invites you to participate in their upcoming 2-week healthy meal & exercise plans to celebrate American Heart Month & World Pulses Day.
The NPGA is teaming up with social media influencers Nourish Move Love (NML) & The Real Food Dietitians (RFD) to create a FREE 2–week exercise plan and 2-week meal plan that will run from February 6 - 18. Links to both meal & exercise plans will be provided on the NPGA website & social media accounts and are 100% free to the public.
February is American Heart Month - a month that is dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of heart disease as well as promoting the importance of prioritizing heart health. February 10th also happens to be World Pulses Day.  World Pulses Day was declared by the United Nations to encourage people around the globe to make these nutrient abundant, environmentally friendly crops part of their daily life. 
Pulse is a term for the edible seeds of legume crops, and includes dry peas, lentils, chickpeas, and beans. Research shows that regularly eating pulses can lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, and help to maintain a healthy body weight, which all promote heart health.
In addition to nutritional benefits, pulses play a significant agricultural and environmental role.  Pulses fix nitrogen in the soil which can save producers half of the energy inputs of most other crops.  In addition, pulses provide a break in disease, weed and insect cycles.  Pulses improve soil health, have a low carbon footprint and are water savvy.
Be sure to mark those calendars and join us as we move our bodies and fuel them with pulses!
The Northern Pulse Growers Association is a nonprofit association representing dry pea, lentil, chickpea, lupin and fava bean growers from Montana and North Dakota. The Northern Pulse Growers Association strives to increase pulse producers profitability through education, research, domestic and international marketing and government relations.