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NPGA Sponsored 2-Week Exercise & Meal Plan

Fall is a BUSY time for farmers, mothers, and students young and old!  With busy school and harvest schedules, it’s hard to figure our what to feed your family (and yourself!), and also difficult to find quick & effective workouts to sneak into your day. This is why The Northern Pulse Growers is proud to once again team up with social media influencers Nourish Move Love (NML) & The Real Food Dietitians (RFD) to create a FREE 2-week exercise plan and 2-week meal plan! Follow these links to access the plans! Pulses are a great source of essential nutrients including protein, fiber, folate, iron!  These powerhouses can help fuel your workouts as well as aid in recovering/refueling from them.   We highly encourage you to follow NML & RFD’s social accounts, and visit their websites in preparation for our sponsored content in October!  Nourish Move Love offers FREE exercise videos on YouTube for all abilities (beginner, advanced, pregnancy, etc…) as well as different body targets (arms, abs, legs, shoulders, etc…).  The Real Food Dietitians website is very user friendly, and recipes can be searched for by ingredients, cooking method, or for a specific diet. 

We’re excited for you to join in our 2-week meal plan & 2-week workout challenge from October 2 - 13!

Looking for more? You can access our sponsored content from our February '23 & October '23 challenges at anytime by following the links below!