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Northern Pulse Growers Association

Scott Sova - District 1

Scott Sova - District I

Scott Sova of Noonan, ND was elected to the North Dakota Dry Pea & Lentil Council in 2020. Sova represents pulse growers in District I in the western portion of the state.  Sova also serves as President of Divide County Crop Improvement Association and is the Divide County Rep for the ND Soybean Council.
Sova is a first-generation farmer and lives on a third-generation farm outside of Noonan, ND. He grows peas, lentils, durum, wheat, flax, canola and soybeans.  Sova has been planting pulses for 20 years. 
While serving on the Council Sova would like to help improve the profitability of pulse crops through research, varieties and markets. Sova also sees a growing demand with plant-based proteins and would like to see more varieties available in North Dakota and Montana in the future.