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Northern Pulse Growers Association

Kim Saueressig - District IV

Saueressig, elected in 2018, is currently serving his first term as Chair on the ND Dry Pea & Lentil Council representing pulse growers in the central portion of North Dakota. Saueressig also serves as President of McClusky Coop Elevator, Vice President of Sheridan County Crop & Livestock Improvement Association and President of Grace Lutheran Church of McClusky.
Saueressig is a 4th generation farmer and farmers with his father, John and Uncle Tom. Saueressig started farming full time with his family in 2012. Saueressig farms with his family outside of McClusky, ND where they produce wheat, durum, chickpeas, soybeans and corn.  He has been planting pulses since 2014. The Saueressig Farm just celebrated their 100th Anniversary June22-24th 2018.
He and his wife, Jennifer and their 3 children, Landon – 7, Ethan – 6, and Rubie – 2, enjoy camping when time allows, playing baseball with his boys and he also enjoys playing golf.