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Northern Pulse Growers Association

Beau Anderson - USADPLC Chairman

Anderson, currently serves on the National Board representing ND Dry Pea & Lentil council since 2014 to present and was elected Chairman in June 2018. He also served on the NPGA Board of Directors since 2008 and held the AT LARGE position and termed out in 2017. He served as a NPGA board member for 9 years, in this nine years he has been the NPGA Secretary in 2011, NPGA Vice President in 2012 and NPGA President from 2013-2014. Beau also serves on the Joint Advisory Committee for the NDSU/SARC research centers.

Anderson is a third generation farmer/rancher and started farming with his father and brother in 1998, in 2000 he started planting pulses. In 2002 Beau bought his own farm.

Beau and his wife, Amber farm outside of Williston where they produce durum wheat, corn, flax, hay, cover crops and also raises cow calf pairs. The couple have 4 children, Emmalyn – 8, Blythe – 7, Copeland – 5, Sterling – 3. In Beau’s spare time he enjoys camping with his wife and kids.